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breaker overhauls

Are all circuit breaker overhauls the same? The simple answer is no.


ABB K-Line Circuit Breaker


Same ABB K-Line Circuit Breaker disassembled


Some companies will power wash the breaker, spot lubricate it, and paint it to look like near-new condition.

What you need to remember is that the most common cause of breaker failure is due to lubrication failure or worn and broken mechanism parts. This cannot be detected without complete disassembly.

When your equipment arrives at our shop, it is completely evaluated, so that we can determine if there are any worn or broken parts that need to be replaced, or if it has a faulty over current device. You are then notified, so you can decide if you want the parts replaced before we proceed.

This can only be accomplished with complete disassembly of the breaker, which includes the operating mechanism and primary contacts.


Custom-built, reusable crate – the breaker is bolted to the base of the crate


All parts are inspected and thoroughly cleaned. Any worn or broken parts are replaced along with any bearings and bushings.

During re-assembly of the breaker we use the manufacturer's recommended lubricant. We provide a full test report for each circuit breaker we perform work on.

Quality assurance checks are performed throughout the disassembly and reassembly process to ensure you are receiving quality service. Final testing and quality assurance is performed before the breaker is placed in a custom-built, reusable shipping container.

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