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Group CBS - Providing Electrical Solutions Worldwide

Group CBS Is Pleased To Announce
The Acquisition of Rocky Mountain Breaker Services

Group CBS and its nationwide network of affiliated companies, will provide RMBS unparrelled support including access to the largest inventory of low and medium voltage apparatus & replacement parts in the U.S.; engineering & training services; remote racking & switching solutions; and specialty test equipment. The following link will provide you additional information on Group CBS.

circuit breaker overhauls To Rocky Mountain Breaker Services

As the electrical apparatus in your facility ages, a preventative maintenance program should be developed in order to keep your equipment operating in a safe manner.

Your equipment has served you well in the past, but the most common problem found with aging equipment is due to lubrication failure.

Rocky Mtn. Breaker Services can help you develop a cost-effective maintenance program, which will prevent accidents, injuries, and the costly loss of production your company cannot afford. Let our team come to your facility and perform an inspection, cleaning, and testing of your equipment. We can evaluate which circuit breakers and switchgear need immediate attention and help develop a program to fit your department's budget for future maintenance.

At Rocky Mtn. Breaker Services, we specialize in complete disassembly of your circuit breakers during an overhaul, to ensure that the circuit breaker will not only look good, but will operate at its maximum capacity for years to come. We work on all manufacturers' low and medium voltage circuit breakers and switchgear.

ITE 15 HK Circuit Breaker

We have provided services nationwide for 10 years throughout the power distribution industry. Our crews are field ready to tackle any size job. We provide our employees with extensive training and have a stringent quality assurance program in place to make sure you are getting the best possible service. Our test equipment is calibrated annually so you can be assured that the test readings are accurate.

We have the right equipment to perform maintenance in our shop, as well as onsite at your facility. We utilize fully-equipped trailers to set up shop in your plant.

You will be able to rest easier knowing that your equipment and personnel are safer due to the maintenance performed, which also reduces unexpected and expensive down time. Preventive maintenance reduces the risk of an arc flash incident saving time, money, and human lives. You and your employees will have more time to concentrate on other important aspects of keeping your facility up and running efficiently.

Is some of your equipment obsolete? We specialize in obtaining hard to find parts or surplus replacement circuit breakers and switchgear.

For years your switchgear has operated efficiently with little or no maintenance, but as the equipment ages, lubrication failure becomes a huge factor in circuit breaker and switchgear failure. This is caused from normal wear and tear, but also the type of environment the equipment is stored in. Your equipment can continue to operate efficiently for many years to come with proper, regular maintenance.

Our services are extremely cost effective when you develop a preventative maintenance plan for your circuit breakers and switchgear, because it reduces costly accidents and down time. We do all the work for you.

All low voltage circuit breakers are Primary Injection load tested

First, Rocky Mtn. Breaker Services will perform an evaluation of your circuit breakers and switchgear onsite. This work can be performed during an outage, so that you don't experience any further loss of production. We inspect, clean, and test your equipment, which will reveal which circuit breakers and/or switchgear requires the most attention. We provide detailed written inspection reports for each piece of equipment we test.

This information will provide you with a better idea of the condition of the equipment, so that Rocky Mtn. Breaker Services can create a customized maintenance program for you. We will provide recommendations for the proven life extension of your equipment by suggesting upgrades, including circuit breaker overhauls, over current device retrofits, switchgear cleaning applications, and buss inspections.

Your job is to keep your plant up and running on a daily basis.

With our expertise we can make your job easier by providing you with a means to maintain your equipment, so that it functions at a level of its original design.

Contact us today for a free quote by calling 720-981-4580 (ask for Sales)